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Segregated Fees

Unity In the Community dancingAll students are assessed segregated fees, in addition to instructional fees, for services, programs, and facilities supporting the UW-River Falls mission.

Segregated fees are allocable or non-allocable.

  • Allocable: support mainly student-organized activities, e.g., Student Senate and Student Organizations
  • Non-allocable: provide support for student-services operations and facilities, e.g., Student Health Services and the University Center

In consultation with the Chancellor, students have primary responsibility for setting the allocable segregated fee budgets. The UW System Board of Regents confirms the final budget.

Campus administration determines the final recommendations for the non-allocable fee budgets. However, students are invited to participate in the non-allocable fee budget review process.

2017-2018 Segregated Fee Summary

University Center building





Segregated fees are calculated based on a 32-week academic year, an eight-week summer (25%), and a four-week J-Term (12.5%).


Fall 2017

J-Term 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

Supports UWRF varsity athletics.





Campus Recreation
Finances Outdoor Recreation, Intramural Sports, and Group Fitness programming.





Career Services
Provides enhanced services including networking socials and on-campus interviews bringing more than 600 employers to campus annually.





C.H.I.L.D. Center Building
Offsets building debt and maintenance expenses.





Falcon Center Operations
Funds day-to-day operating costs of the Falcon Center, Hunt Arena, and the Outdoor Intramural Complex.





Falcon Center/Health & Human Performance Debt Service
Covers the Falcon Center bond.





Student Involvement Programming
Ensures engaging programming helping students develop interests, ask questions, and seek growth opportunities outside the classroom.





ID Card*
Subsidizes the official university ID and the services provided by the ID Card Office. 





Media Clubs
Supports the campus radio station, WRFW; "Focus on U," campus TV program; "Student Voice," weekly student newspaper; and "Prologue," an annual literary and original art publication.





Municipal Services
Covers local emergency services, fire department services, and local police services.





Ramer Stadium Sports Complex
Contributes to the ongoing sports complex upkeep. Intramural sports, sports clubs, and varsity teams use this complex.





Sport Clubs
Makes possible the 14 or more registered, non-varsity, UWRF student sport clubs.





Student Health Services*
Finances basic health services, access to health information and resources, advocacy for student health policies, and prevention-focused programming. Vibrant Health Family Clinic, Pierce County Reproductive Health, and UWRF Student Health and Counseling provide health  and wellness services.





Student Involvement Operating
Supports staff and operating expenses focused on student development programming including leadership, mentoring, service, and cultural activities, through small-groups and campus-wide events.





Student Organizations
Makes possible the more than 150 campus student organizations including fraternities and sororities.





Student Senate
Supports the student government administrative requirements.





Student Services Remodel/Rodli Enrollment Center
Invests in converting Rodli Hall into the Student Services and Enrollment Center.





Textbook Services**
Finances the undergraduate student textbook rental program. Graduate students do not pay this fee and may purchase textbooks through the Falcon Shop.


$5.04 per 3-credit class



$6.72 per 3-credit class

University Center
Covers day-to-day operating expenses of the campus gathering place for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests.





Please note: The Student Health Services* fee and the ID Card* fee are *per person. The remaining fees are based on credit hours taken. Eight credits is considered a full load when calculating segregated fees.

Graduate students do not use Textbook Services** and **are not charged a Textbook Services fee. Graduate students can purchase textbooks through the Falcon Shop.

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