Student Support Services

Our Mission Statement

The mission of UW-River Falls' Student Support Services (SSS) is to provide a supportive community which facilitates transition to UWRF for under-represented students to accomplish educational and career goals.

SSS motivates students to reach their potential for life long success in a diverse world.

Vision: To promote equitable educational access to students at UWRF who are first-generation, low income or disabled.


  • Resilience 
    We promote student tenacity in the face of barriers, to overcome challenges, and take chances that contribute to learning, growth, and ultimate success.
  • Advocacy
    We encourage our under-represented students to stand up for themselves to achieve their goals.
  • Empowerment
    We give students information, skills, and authority to make their own choices, equip them with the tools to be strong and confident, and reach their highest potential.
  • Equity
    We value impartial and fair access for all scholars to appropriate resources and opportunities which enable each individual to succeed.
  • Learning
    Success begins with a quality education. We value instilling knowledge, competence, and a love for learning through different ideas, experiences, creative and critical thinking, and personal interaction.

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Student Support Services
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