Health Indicators


 2017 Obesity Wisc Minn

  • At least one-quarter of the populations of Minnesota, Wisconsin and all the St. Croix River Valley counties were classified as obese, based on their body mass index.
  • Wisconsin and most of its counties have higher rates of obesity than Minnesota and its counties.
  • Burnett County has a substantially higher rate of obesity than the Wisconsin average.

History Obesity Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin and Burnett County have slightly increasing trends in the percentage of their populations classified as obese.
  • The trend of the percentage of obese residents in Polk and Pierce Counties has been fairly flat since 2010.
  • The percentage of residents in St. Croix County classified as obese has declined slightly downward over time.

History - Obesity Minnesota

  • The proportion of the Minnesota population classified as obese has trended upward over time.
  • Washington County tends to have a slightly lower proportion of its residents classified as obese relative to the Minnesota Average.
  • Chisago County has seen a slight decline in the percentage of obese residents over the 2014 – 2017 period.

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