Education Indicators

Per Pupil Expenditure

 2019 Per Pupil Expenditure

  • Surprisingly, expenditures per pupil in  Washington and Chisago Counties were lower than the state of Minnesota average.
  • Other than Pierce County, the Wisconsin counties  in the St. Croix River Valley spent slightly more per pupil than the state average.
  • Wisconsin’s expenditures per pupil tended to be  higher than those in Minnesota.

Historical Expenditures - Wisconsin

  • Expenditures per pupil in Wisconsin have been increasing at a fairly steady rate in most jurisdictions; for example, expenditures have increased by about $270/pupil/year in Polk County.
  • Pierce County has consistently spent less than the state average in terms of expenditures per pupil per year.
  • Note, the vertical axis starts at $10,000 rather than $0.

Historical Expenditures - Minnesota

  • Expenditures per pupil have been increasing a fairly steady rates in all three jurisdictions shown in the graph; for example, the increase in Washington County has averaged nearly $400 per pupil per year.
  • The graph shows that the lower-than-state-average expenditures per pupil noted for Washington and Chisago in 2019, were not flukes.  Both counties have consistently been lower than the Minnesota average.
  • Note, the vertical axis starts at $10,000 rather than $0.

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