Education Indicators

High School Graduation Rate

2019 High School Graduation

  • Burnett County’s 4-year high school graduation rate is substantially below the Wisconsin state average.
  • All other St. Croix River Valley counties in both Minnesota and Wisconsin have 4-year high school graduation rates considerably above their state average.
  • Wisconsin jurisdictions tend to have higher high school graduation rates than Minnesota jurisdictions.

2019 Wisconsin High School Graduation

  • Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties have had similar graduation rates over time, and all have consistently been above the state average.
  • The 4-year graduation rate in Burnett County has improved substantially since 2012; the average rate of increase has been nearly 3% per year.

2019 Minnesota High School

  • The 4-year high school graduation rate in Washington County has consistently been higher than the Minnesota average, though that gap has narrowed slightly since 2013.
  • Chisago County had higher 4-year graduation rates than the state average in 2012-13, but has been almost identical to the Minnesota average since that time.

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