Advising and Registration

Advising Steps



  Registration for Spring 2020

Advising begins: Monday, Oct. 21

Spring registration begins: Friday, Nov. 8 (seniors & honors students);
Others to follow

J-Term registration begins: Monday, Oct. 14

More about registration

You are required to speak with your adviser before registering (for fall/spring semesters) to discuss your schedule and to receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number) permitting registration. The PIN changes each semester, so you will not be able to use an old one. Your adviser's name is on your Degree Audit Report (DAR).

You must print and bring your Degree Audit Report (DAR), your tentative schedule and your academic portfolio (if you have completed Sociology 200) to your advising session.

A) Make An Advising Appointment

by signing up on an Advising Schedule posted on or near your adviser's office door—do not call! Don't wait until the last minute—if your adviser is unavailable then, your registration could be delayed—it is to your advantage to register at the earliest allowable date! Forgot your adviser's name? Look on your DAR.

B) Bring the following Three items to your advising appointment:    

  • your tentative schedule for fall semester
  • DAR (Degree Audit Report) from eSIS 
  • academic portfolio (if you have completed Sociology 200) for your adviser to review.

C) Register online at the date and time given to you (and also after that time). It is to your advantage to register at the earliest eligible time!

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