Getting Organized

A Plan of Action

Keep registration materials in one folder to use throughout your college career, including:

  • Degree Audit Report (DAR)
  • 4-year plan
  • Registration procedures and date

Before your appointment

  • Print your DAR (Degree Audit Report) from eSIS. IMPORTANT: You will have to reschedule your appointment if you don't bring your DAR
  • Highlight all the categories marked with a MINUS SIGN
  • Print a copy of the Degree Plan/checklist for your major
  • Create a tentative plan for the next two, three or more semesters
  • Check the online catalog course descriptions for any course prerequisites
  • Create a class schedule for next semester by checking the online class schedule and taking special note of the number of remaining seats
  • Select alternative courses for those courses with fewer than 10 remaining seats
  • Write down questions for your advisor

Bring to your appointment

  • Your DAR (Degree Audit Report)
  • Your plan of action for at least the next two or more semesters (including list of courses with prerequisites)
  • Your class schedule plan for next semester (courses, days and times)
  • Your questions or concerns

After your appointment

  • Check the online class schedule often, especially the day before you register to make sure the classes you want are still open
  • Check back with your advisor if you incur any problems registering

TOOLS for you