Changing Major, Minor and/or Adviser

>>>IMPORTANTThis form goes directly to Sociology/Criminology

ONLY for:
  • Moving INTO or RE-ORDERING a Sociology (SOCI) and/or Criminology (CRIM) major and/or minor
  • Removing any minor
DO NOT use this form if you are:
  • Moving AWAY FROM a SOCI or CRIM major - Instead, you must contact the department of your new intended major. (You may, however, print or screen-shot this form and bring/email it to the department of your new major/minor.)


List all CURRENT majors (separate with commas). Example: BIOL major, PSYC major
List ALL current minors (separate with commas). Example: SOCI minor, PSYC minor

List FIRST or ONLY major to be part of your REVISED degree plan (separate with commas).
If you would like a SECOND major - IN ADDITION to your first major - specify here. (Ex. SOCI major)
List ALL minors to be part of your REVISED degree plan (separate with commas). Example: PSYC minor, CRIM minor
If double-majoring, specify if you prefer an adviser for each major (or you will be assigned an adviser for your first major only). Note: We cannot guarantee you will be assigned your preferred adviser.

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