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What is a Degree Audit Report (DAR)?
A Degree Audit Report (DAR) provides a record of your academic progress toward completion of a specific degree program. The DAR reviews your UW-River Falls course work, including in-progress courses, and all transfer coursework to evaluate the completion of the requirements for your specific degree. The DAR itemizes specific requirements and shows the steps that you have taken or need to take to complete your degree.

How to Obtain a Degree Audit using U.Achieve

How to Obtain a What-If Degree Audit using U.Achieve

How to Print a Degree Audit using U.Achieve

How to Read Your Interactive Degree Audit

Understanding Program Exceptions

And don't forget to leave Comments: The comments section on the Degree Audit is a place for the Student to communicate with their Advisor regarding suggested courses and exceptions, PIN numbers, and direction for the upcoming term



The following are examples of U.Achieve

Upon logging in with your W number and password, select, "Run Audit" to generate a Degree Audit

Image of 


Select "View Audit"to view the Degree Audit that has been generated

Image of

When the U.Achieve Degree Audit is generated and you select "View Audit"- the main dashboard screen will appear and you will have access to the content of the Audit. Content includes, Audit Summary (graphical and written text), Notes, Course History and Applied Exceptions.

Image of Dashboard 2



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