Political Science

Alumni Survey







Job Information






Are you in a position to offer current students an internship opportunity?
If so, in what capacity?

We are thinking about creating an "Alumni Profile" section for the web site.
Would you be willing to be featured at some point on this site?
If so, what would be the best way to contact you? 


What message to other alumni would you like posted on our web site? It might be personal news or recollections about your college experience.

Our graduates are employed in a wide variety of governmental, private sector, and international positions, and we believe that identifying ways to connect political science alumni with current students and staff is a high priority. We would very much like to identify alumni who are willing to talk with students, mentor them, provide internship opportunities, and more. 

Informational Interview
Yes, I look forward to a student interviewing me about my professional field. Students will contact you either in person or by e-mail to arrange an informational interview.

Guest Speaker
Yes, I would love to speak to political science classes! We would like to identify alumni who are willing to speak to our senior seminar and other classes about their academic preparation and career experiences. 

Job Shadowing
Yes, I would enjoy having a student spend a workday with me.

Critiques of Student Resumes
Yes, I'm willing to take time to critique student resumes. Each semester our senior seminar students must write a resume. They would contact you and request feedback within about two weeks. These students are typically seniors.

Internship Announcements
Yes, remind me about providing you with internship opportunities. You will be contacted periodically, probably about once each year, requesting information about internship opportunities that would be of interest to political science students.

Yes, it would be a rewarding experience to mentor a political science student. This would entail connecting with a student on a regular basis, either via e-mail or in person, to give advice, share expertise, and provide support. Your name would be listed under "Alumni Mentors." Students may contact you directly or a faculty member may make the initial contact.

Other Ideas?

Do we have your permission to give out your contact information to students seeking advice about working in your career area?


We are creating an alumni web page that would include name, year of graduation and job titles. Do we have permission to use your name, graduation year, and job title on our alumni website?


Do we also have permission to use your email address on our alumni website?