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Politics, Geography and International Studies


The Department of Politics, Geography and International Studies combines the expertise, experience, and strength of faculty and staff in the disciplines of geography and geographic information science, international studies and political science. Our faculty and staff are passionate about working with students both in and outside the classroom and are eager to get to know you.  Dedicated faculty advisers will work with you to discover your interests and career aspirations to choose a path of study that's right for you through personalized advising. Many opportunities exist to conduct undergraduate research, pursue an internship, study abroad, and more! Please browse the resources on this page and contact us with any questions.  We're here to help!


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Our Programs


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Geography is a field that uses an interdisciplinary approach to understand patterns of human activity and natural processes on the surface of the earth. Geographers are often called upon to analyze and solve problems that deal with interactions between people and the environment. Geography appeals to students who have a wide range of interests that involve human activities and their impacts on the natural environment.

Geographic Information Science is a set of techniques that include Cartography (the art and science of map making), GIS - Geographic Information Systems (the analysis of spatial patterns), and Remote Sensing (the analysis of satellite imagery). These techniques are useful in displaying, understanding, and analyzing spatial relationships. Many other disciplines, such as biology, business, marketing, criminal justice, land use planning, and urban studies utilize mapping techniques.

Program Highlights

  • The Geography and GIS program equips you with hands-on experience for a variety of careers in a rapidly growing industry.
  • Faculty are active specialists in the field.
  • GIS certificate program for continuing education and for undergraduate students pursuing a degree.
  • State-of-the-art GIS lab
  • Individualized plan options
  • Abundant education abroad opportunities, including geography coursework
  • Active internship program

Degree and Program Requirements

Geography Major

Geography Major - GIS Emphasis

Geography Minor

GIS / Cartography Minor

GIS Certificate


Emma-Jaworski"There are many things I appreciate about the geography program here at UWRF. The department is fairly small, and because of this, I've had the same few professors numerous times. This allowed me to feel like the professors really knew me personally and knew how to best help me succeed in the program. I never felt like just a number. Another thing I appreciate is how few limitations there are when it comes to projects. In general, there are no strict formats that you have to follow when making your research poster or when writing your paper, and there are really no topics that are off-limits. This allowed me to really get creative and pick topics that I found interesting and/or meaningful. Lastly, there are so many resources to help you succeed. The GIS lab has just about every GIS-related software imaginable, and the professors are always there to help you with anything."

- Emma Jaworski (2022)

The primary mission of the International Studies Program is to create global awareness by providing students with the intellectual skills and substantive knowledge necessary to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century.

Program Highlights

The International Studies Program is designed to:

  • provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the global community.
  • promote critical thinking and problem solving from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • introduce students to a foreign language and encourage the development of competency.
  • increase global awareness and understanding of cultural differences.
  • encourage students to participate in study-abroad and overseas experience programs.

Degree and Program Requirements

International Studies Major

International Studies Minor


Alice-Shock-2022"I was drawn to the international studies major at UWRF because I am passionate about different cultures and our increasingly global society. I have loved all of my classes here at UWRF, but my favorites from the international studies major have to be Introduction to International Studies, INTS 200, and World and Food Populations, AGEC 250. Both of these classes helped me learn about current social and political issues that exist in our world. I have used information from these classes to direct my projects and hone in on how I can make a difference in the world.

After a semester of taking classes and talking to my advisers and professors, I realized that I could double major in international studies and still graduate within four years!

Faculty and staff have been supportive in my studies and know me by name. I always find the topics in class to be engaging and useful for future studies and my future career."

- Alice Shock (2022)

Our program prepares you to be an engaged citizen and leader by providing the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze, interpret, and participate in domestic and international political and governmental processes. Transferable skills ensure graduate success in both the public and private sectors.

Program Highlights

  • We help you transform your passion for politics, public service and positive change into a rewarding career.
  • We provide the foundational elements to help you hone skills that are valued in a wide range of career fields - from federal, state and local governments to law, business, journalism and more.
  • We offer you a variety of rich, practical experiences such as internships, study abroad and undergraduate research opportunities.
  • We support a campus culture abundant with networking opportunities.

Degree and Program Requirements

Political Science Major

Political Science Minor


Lucie Royla 2022"One of the things that I appreciate most about the political science program at UWRF is how knowledgeable and interested the professors here are. I truly feel as though, in every class, the professors care about the topic they are talking about and want you to understand as much of it as possible. Also, I really like the discussions in class about the many different topics. Sometimes, talking about your views about politics and sharing your opinions with others openly can be difficult, but in the classes that I have taken in the past, the atmosphere felt safe so that you can speak your mind."

- Lucie Royla (2022)




Through our pre-law program, we can help you choose courses that will be the best fit for you as you prepare for legal education and beyond.

Program Requirements

Pre-Professional Law



"The professors really knew me personally and knew how to best help me succeed in the program. I never felt like just a number."
Emma Jaworski (2022)




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