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David Brandt (1990)

Geography Major with Cartography Minor

Current Position/Company: Geospatial Systems Architect at Washington County, MN. I also just wrapped up covering Geog 360 and Geog 460 after Charlie's retirement last summer. Moving everything to all online was quite the challenge. Thanks to all my students that rolled with the changes!

What do you do there?: I manage and coordinate all aspects of the enterprise implementation of GIS at Washington County. The use of GIS at the county continues to grow every year.

How did you get there?: After undergrad at UWRF, I did internships at the City of Stillwater Planning Dept and then Dakota County Planning. From there, Grad school for GIS at St Cloud State University. Xcel Energy hired me out of grad school and after a couple years there, I took a job at Washington County.

Advice for students: Change is constant, you must continue to learn. Find the thing that you love to do and pursue that for a career.

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