Political Science

Alumni 1959 - 1969

Manley Olson (1959) was the first graduate in political science. See Olson’s Alumni Profile on page 8 of the 2009 Spring Newsletter.

Kenneth Bergquist (1960)

Bill Meulemans (1960) lives in Oregon where he is a professor of political science at Portland State University. "I have great affection for the POLS department where I received an outstanding undergraduate education. I took several courses from Ed Peterson in history, and in political science, from Bob Berg and Charles Graham. They were the only two in political science at the time."

James DeMarce (1961) is the Director, Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation, at the US Department of Labor.

Chan Joung (1961)

Gerald Stern (1961)

Robert Agranoff (1962), professor emeritus at Indiana University-Bloomington, visited UWRF October 14 & 15.  He shared his knowledge and experiences during two on-campus presentations.

Roy Labs (1962) is retired from the American Intelligence community. From 1969 to 1996, Roy served as DIA Attaché Affaire Desk Officer and later Inspector, Office of Inspector General, DIA. "I would encourage students to learn a foreign language. It is a ticket to a good job in Washington today." He would like to express his gratitude to the Political Science and History faculties for preparing him for this occupation.

Michael McEvoy (1962)

Winston Sandeen (1962)

Karl Johnson (1963)

Michael Mellgren (1963)

Darrell Newman (1963)

Robert Richardson (1963)

John Cegielski (1964)

Edwin Churchill (1964) now retired. He was Chief Curator at the Maine State Museum in Augusta, ME for many years.

David Franks (1964)

John Petersen
(1964) teaches political science at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

James Aiken, Sr. (1965) is a part-time Engineering and Technologies Career Counselor/Recruiter at Gateway Community College in New Haven, CT. "As a native Connecticut Yankee I still consider UWRF and the State of Wisconsin as my second home. Go-Pack-Go. I also follow the Badgers and look for the Falcon football scores each Saturday in season. As a History/Political Science major, Professors Peterson, Merrit and King (to name just a few) helped me to develop the insight, tools and guidelines to evaluate all sides of what I read and heard before making a decision."

Paul Arneson

John Bergene (1965)

John Carow
(1965), retired after 37 years as a Claims Superintendent for State Farm.

Gerald Hauge (1965)

Don Marsolek (1965)

Michael Miler

David Sartori

Loren Bryhn (1966)

Gerald Byrnes (1966)

Paul Kozak (1966)

John Marino (1966)

Hendrik Vandyk (1966)

George Babcock (1967), retired human resources director.

Kenneth Green (1967)

Guy Ludvigson (1967)

Keith Rodli (1967)

Donna (Kraeger) Kozak

Paul Lindahl

John McGough (1968)

Michael Moe (1968) retired, but served as Vice-President of International Sales.

Robert Peacock
(1968) works as a sales manager in agriculture.  He and his wife, Denise live in Greenville, WI.

Harry Phipps

Richard Sandstrom

David Schmitz

Wayne Weiss
(1968) worked as a sales representative for Oscar Mayer and Kraft Foods, is now retired.  He & his wife lead Student International Ministry at UW-Madison.

Patricia (Sandeen) Bovee (1969)

Matthew Corshu (1969)

Charles Coverdale

James Daniels (1969)

Patrick Galvin

John Gast

Michael Johnson

Richard Marshall

Lawrence Moore

Jerome Neve

James Ochiltree

Michael Olson

John Sias (1969)

Warren Wolfe

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