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Alumni 2000 - 2009

Ryan Curry

Jacqueline Dahlstrom (2000)

Shannon Edens (2000)

Rachel Everson-Fink (2000)

MacKenzie Guptil (2000)

Kristina Handt (2000)

Sarah Lowrie Schumacher (2000)

Maxfield Neuhaus (2000)

Amanda Olson (2000)

Aaron Saar (2000)

Edward Eccleston (2001)

James Farwell (2001)

Sean Fitzgerald (2001)

Joseph Flicker (2001)

Steven Frank (2001)

Mandy Freemore (2001)

Jessica Gustafson (2001)

Angela Moulton (2001)

Sarah Nyhus (2001) 

Tyler Vogt (2001)

Kris Wilkens (2001)

Jason Bayers (2002)

Tanya Lee (Fabyanske) Beck (2002) is a site manager for an affordable housing organization ( Her husband, Jon Beck, is a printer, and they have been married since 2005.

Sarah Bergstrom (2002)

Rochelle Dodge (2002)

Melissa Fransen Weisbrich (2002)

Sean Froelich (2002)

Christine Godwin (2002)

Kristopher Jensen (2002)

Morgan Jindrich (2002). Morgan's interest in politics started at an early age, but it was her interactions with the faculty at UWRF that helped define a career path. As Morgan recalls, "They asked tough questions, pushed me further, and demanded that I exceed my expectations. They challenged me with topics I had never considered, debated my beliefs, and made me formulate an opinion." Today Morgan continues to work in the telecommunications industry as the Director of the Strategic Resource Center for the Consumers Union, the organization that publishes Consumer Reports. Morgan uses the Web to inform consumers about what is happening in the legislature, industry and at the FCC.

Kate Johnson Mc Lellan (2002)

Rebecca Kruger (2002) is the office manager for RST Automotive in Fremont, CA. While in Minnesota, Rebecca was a field worker for four senate campaigns throughout the metro region. 

Christena Olson (2003) is working with her family’s business, a supper club "The Pyramid of the Nile" outside of Juneau, WI. She has two sons 10 and 8.

Jen (Firchow) Oscarson (2002) is the Vice President - Business Development Officer for Midwest Housing Equity Group (MHEG). She is responsible for all affairs and activities in the Northwest Region (Minnesota, Colorado and South Dakota), including identifying and contacting potential investors and developers along with assisting the Acquisitions Department in the closing of all approved developments in the Northwest region. Most recently she served as a Senior Multifamily Underwriter for the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Prior to joining them, Jen worked as a Senior Housing Development Officer for CommonBond Communities and as a Developer Relations Manager WNC & Associates. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and minor in Speech Communications. Jen has been with MHEG since 2014.

Joy Ptacek Nicholson (2002)

Rebecca Radtke (2002)

Melissa Shouler Pluemer (2002)

Daniel Singel (2002)

Krista Swanson Elrod (2002)

Christena Al Otaibi (2003)

“Olga” Volha Andreyeva (2003) and Bill Ebert welcomed their first baby girl, Raissa Grace, on January 30, 2008. Olga received her JD from Hamline University School of Law in spring of 2007 and is currently practicing energy law at Leonard, Street and Deinard P.A. in Minneapolis, MN.

Brian Dobbs (2003)

Timothy Duncan (2003)

Nathan Ehalt (2003) is the Community Development Director for North St. Paul, MN.

Andrea Matei (2003)

William Rouleau (2003)

Tisha Siepelmeyer (2003)

Jessica Wermuth (2003)

Michelle Crispino (2004)

Karen Ekmark Brewer (2004)

Stacia Enigl Rosas (2004) graduated summa cum laude with a master's degree in public policy from the University of Minnesota-Humphrey Institute in December 2007. She is employed with the Minnesota Human Services Department as a program advisor.

Nicole (Kramer) Hanke (2004) and her husband own and operate BOH Electronics, Inc. ( Their company was named "Emerging Business of the year" by the St. Croix County Economic Development Corp.

Leng Her (2004)

Steven Huser (2004)

Marnie Burau Kesler (2004) is a Legislative Assistant in the Minnesota Senate, Office of Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon.

Steven Huser (2004) is the Legislative Assistant for Sen. Jim Carlson at the Minnesota Senate.

Kathryn Kneissel (2004)

Nicole Lefler (2004)

Heather Madigan (2004)

Annie Mc Cleary (2004)

Beth Nevitt (2004)

Cassandra Parker (2004) is a claims representative for Northland Insurance and resides in Farmington, MN.

Andrew Parrish (2004)

Jason Reeves (2004)

Ben Wiedenfeld (2004)

Christopher Bartholomew (2005)

Jennifer Cooklock (2005)

Blythe Criswell (2005)

Jake Duesenberg (2005) is an officer with the 34th Infantry Division. In July 2008, he returned from a tour of duty in the Balkans. His unit served north of Kosovo, and was stationed between Serbians and unprotected Albanian villages. In April 2008, he will begin a tour of duty in Iraq. Jake has a securities license and plans to return to the financial world when his military service ends.

Clayton Keller (2005)

Jamie Krueger (2005) is currently a law student at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. "The first year was pretty stressful and challenging, but I am enjoying everything that I'm learning and very appreciative of the education that I got at UWRF."

Christopher Mason (2005) is pilot for Delta Air Lines. He lives with his wife in Auburn, Alabama. "Beth and I met while I was studying with the International Traveling Classroom."

Cassandra Mesik Dahl (2005)

Kirk Mortensen (2005)

Eric Quade (2005)

Katie Seidel (2005)

Nels Thoreson (2005)

Mark Aleckson (2006)

Kathleen Barrett (2006)

Seth Chapin (2006)

Nick Cluppert (2006) is the Community Preparedness Specialist for the American Red Cross-Badger Chapter based in Madison, WI.

Nathan Cook (2006)

Nicholas Koecheler (2006)

Blake Konieczny (2006)

Malia (Peterson) Lehnertz (2006) has married Mathew Lehnertz.

Brandon Magnuson (2006)

Christine Maki (2006)

Rebecca Muck (2006)

Ted Schneider (2006) is currently a part-time graduate student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.

Matthew Schreiner (2006)

Grant Smith (2006)

Somorae Smith (2006)

Amber Swanson (2006)

Alaina Zack (2006)

Jennifer Farinella (2007) is a medical office assistant at HealthPartners, is living in Cottage Grove, MN. "While I'm not working I'm taking care of my beautiful daughter Koralynn Jean Olson."

Crystal Helmbolt (2007)

Brian Hogenson (2007)

Ashley Kollath (2007)

Michelle Lathe (2007)

Justin Reinke (2007)

Joshua Sandey (2007)

Steven Scholz (2007)

Tammy (Chasteen) Scollick (2007) is an office manager at Ashley Furniture in Woodbury, MN. She hopes to work with community programs such as Youth Service Bureau.

Jessica Vogt (2007) works in House Research, Minnesota House of Representatives, as a legislative assistant.

Joseph Zahradka (2007) was working as an intern for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. "The internship was amazing as I got to see the inner workings of a real congressional office ... and that position led to Deputy Volunteer Coordinator."

Steve Boe (2008)

Amy Bohrer Fender (2008)

Derek Brandt (2008) is a Congressional affairs representative for the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and resides in Silver Spring, MD.  Derek meets with members of Congress and their staff to advocate on a variety of issues.  He also manages the AAN political action committee, BrainPAC.

John Byers (2008)

Joshua Carlson (2008)

David Crass (2008)

Robert Crump (2008)

Shanna Eastbourne (2008)

Joseph Eggers (2008)

Andrew Engel (2008)

Kelsey Fitschen (2008)

Ainsley Hargest (2008)

Nathan McNaughton (2008)

Jane Norman Jellish (2008)

Ryan Olsen (2008)

Robert Roedler (2008)

Manila Shaver (2008)

Steph Sianko (2008) resides in New Richmond, WI with her 4 and 6 year old boys, Liam and Noel, and husband Dana. Since graduation, she has started an online tea company called Canary Street offering gourmet loose teas and teapots. She also actively volunteers in the New Richmond School District, and is the recording secretary for the Plan Commission in St. Joseph. Currently, Steph is exploring graduate schools, and plans to continue her education within the next couple of years.

Thomas Stafford (2008)

John Strharsky (2008)

Hannah Vick (2008)

Nathaniel Wagner (2008)

Bryan Wallace (2008)

Steven Wyman (2008)

Mary Zoubek (2008)

Sara Deick (2009)

Francis Freeman (2009)   spent a few years teaching in Korea following  graduation, where he met his wife, Jin.  They reside in Hastings, MN.  Francis is once again a student at UWRF, seeking a Masters Degree in Elementary Education.  

Christian Grams (2009)

Joshua Hudek (2009)

Ann Johnson (2009)

Jason Meier (2009)

Avery Newman (2009)

Isaac Russell (2009)

Sarah Saal (2009)

Ashley Taylor (2009)

Megan Taylor (2009)

Andrew Tierney (2009)

Phillip Walhovd (2009)

Allison West (2009)

Gabrielle Vitzhum (2009)

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