Research Resources

The following are Internet Resources of interest to Political Science students. The resources have been organized according to the standard fields and sub-fields of Political Science. Additional resources will be added on a regular basis.

General Information and Current Events

The American Political Science Associationlink
Library of Congresslink
The Rand Corporationlink (Public Policy Research)

Media Resources

All Politics (CNN & Time)link
Washington Postlink
National Journallink

American Politics -- General

League of Women Voterslink This site provides useful information about current issues and how to participate in the political process.
Center for Responsive Politicslink This site provides access to information about elected officials including campaign finance data.
U.S. Government, Citizen's Gatewaylink

American Politics -- Executive Branch

The White Houselink Provides links to the entire executive branch.
Presidents of the United States (Internet Public Library 2)link

American Politics -- Legislative Branch

Thomas: The United States Congress Web Pagelink
The House of Representativeslink
The U.S. Senatelink
C-Spanlink Provides televised coverage of both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

American Politics -- Judicial Branch

Federal Court's Home Pagelink
Legal Information Institutelink

American Politics -- Elections and Political Behavior

American National Elections Studieslink
The Roper Centerlink Polling Data
Project Vote Smartlink
Rock the Votelink
Emily's Listlink Emily stands for "Early Money is Like Yeast" (because it makes the dough rise.) This organization is dedicated to raising money to elect pro-choice Democratic Women to Congress. The site provides candidate profiles.

American Politics -- Parties

Communist Party:
Constitution Party:
Green Party:
Socialist Party:
The Republican National Committeelink

The Democratic National Committeelink
The Libertarian Partylink
The Reform Partylink

American Politics -- State and Local

Pierce County Government:
River Falls Government:
St. Croix County Board:
State of Wisconsinlink
The State of Minnesotalink

Political Communications

The Vanderbilt Television News Archiveslink This site provides access to archival information regarding network news broadcasts.

International Relations

Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference: http://www.arrowheadmun.orglink/
International Committee of the Red Cross:
International Monetary Fund (IMF):
OECD: http://www.oecd.orglink
United Nations:
World Bank:
World Trade Organization: http://www.wto.orglink/

Comparative Politics

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): http://www/
British Government & News:
China News Digestlink
Deutsche Welle:
Election Guide:
Election Resources:
European Union:
French National Assembly:
German Government:
Japanese Government:
Russia Today:

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