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Horticulture utilizes plants to improve and sustain the world by:

  • Feeding the world
  • Protecting the environment
  • Community beautification
  • Improving human well-being through plants

Horticulture Program

Students majoring in horticulture prepare for careers in landscaping, fruit, vegetable, turfgrass, interior plantscaping, golf course, woody ornamentals, greenhouse, and related industries.

Our laboratories, including a tissue culture lab, computer-controlled greenhouses, plant materials nursery, and fruit orchard, supplement classroom instruction and provide excellent opportunities for hands-on experience.

Graduates of the horticulture program have a more than 90% job placement rate and often receive multiple jobs offers upon graduation commonly securing a starting salary range between $30,000 and $55,000.

The horticulture major offers three options which assist students in choosing appropriate course work for their career path:

Professional option

Prepares students for a diversity of careers within horticulture, including production and marketing of edible and ornamental crops; public horticulture; golf course management; garden writers; retail and wholesale distribution; and research.

Landscape option

Prepares students for careers in landscape design, management and restoration.

Fruit and Vegetable Sustainable Systems option

Prepares students for most careers along the sustainable fruit and vegetable supply chain, including working with local food shelves and school districts on sourcing produce; producing, educating and marketing locally-grown produce; working for large food companies as field scouts, production coordinators, field supervisors, marketers, or production technicians; working to develop international markets for regionally-grown produce; and more!

In addition, a business emphasis can be added to any of these options. Students are not required to declare a minor, but many choose to do so. View all CAFES minors.


Horticulture faculty hold Ph.D.'s and are dedicated to educating students and mentoring through individualized advising. Students benefit from the strong industry connections our faculty have developed, leading to quality internships and career placement opportunities.

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