Music Department

Mission Statement

Music Department Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Music Department has the mission to provide learning experiences that will enable students to become productive in their musical or teaching endeavors. Our students will experience diverse educational and cultural opportunities within the university and the global community, and engage in research, scholarship, and creative activity to further their knowledge of music.

Music Department Goal

To offer a faculty-supported environment that fosters students who demonstrate integrity, academic and performance excellence, inclusiveness, commitment to service, and lifelong learning.

Music Department Objectives

  1. To offer a comprehensive curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Arts - Music Liberal Arts , and Bachelor of Science - Music Liberal Arts Degrees; Music Minors including concentrations in Applied Music, Music Theory, Music History, Composition, Jazz, Piano Pedagogy and Musical Theatre; and to provide music classes for general university students.
  2. To enhance the cultural life of the university and community by providing concerts and sponsoring musical events on and off campus, and to stimulate cultural growth and understanding through regional, national, and international concert tours.
  3. To offer students the opportunity to increase their global awareness and sensitivity to other cultures through its World Music and Jazz Studies course offerings, and through international touring opportunities for performing groups.
  4. To meet the needs dictated by new innovations in technology and strive to integrate this experience into a total learning process for all music students.
  5. To encourage personal development and individual growth of the music faculty through continued professional study, research and scholarly activity, performance, and community and global outreach.
  6. To serve as a professional resource by contributing expertise to various university and outreach programs and activities.

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