Advanced Placement U.S. History Review Day

AP History Review Day at UWRF

This popular event draws up to 300 area high school students each year. History Professor Ryan Fischer and Professor Emeritus Kurt Leichtle (UW-River Falls), together with History Professor Robert Zeidel (UW-Stout), lead the U.S. history review session designed to help prepare students for the placement exam in early May. The event provides a valuable experience at UW-River Falls as these students begin to plan for their own college careers. (Photo 2012 Sue Voelker/UW-River Falls)


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

To be added to our mailing list for the 2022 AP Review,
email us at, Subject: AP History Review.

University Center Riverview Ballroom
(Room 250)

Cost: $7 per student
Advance registration required!

8-8:30 a.m. Registration & refreshments
8:30-11:30 a.m. Review main themes of U.S. history
11:30-12:45  Lunch
12:45-2:00 Test structure, scoring, Q & A

The ending time is flexible depending on bus/school schedules.

For high school instructors
  1. Advance registration is required.
  2. DEADLINE: Please report by Tuesday, Apr. 26, the number of students you will be bringing. Contact or 715-425-3164.
  3. Please pay one total for your group ($7 per student) by
    • check in advance (payable to UWRF History Dept.) or
    • check payable at the event (payable to UWRF History Dept.) - sorry, but we cannot accept cash.
  4. Parking & drop-off procedure—click on PARKING tab below

Thank you for making our review sessions a great success year after year!


Maps & Dining

The following details are not yet confirmed.

Personal vehicles

For non-bus/personal vehicles only - A printed dashboard permit (coming soon) is needed to park FREE in University Center Pay 2 Lot - cars only - NOT for BUSES. We are allowed a limited number of free spaces with this printable permit (coming soon). (The permit will also be emailed to registered groups.)

Additional non-bus parking—Individual cars may also park along streets—please notice street signs to determine where parking is allowed. It will be easiest to find nearby parking before 7:45 a.m.


To unload buses at University Center

River Falls Police Department and signage indicates—absolutely NO STOPPING, NO UNLOADING along Cascade Avenue or in any turn-around or driveway along Cascade Avenue.

University Police and signage indicates ---NO BUS PARKING in University Center Pay 2 Lot - DROP OFF ONLY at south entry of University Center.

To UNLOAD students at University Center

  • Buses must use the ONE WAY route (follow arrows on map below) to the south side of University Center.
  • From Cascade Avenue roundabout at 6th St – see "enter here" on map linked below.
  • Turn south onto 6th St.
  • Turn west onto Wild Rose Ave.
  • Drop off students at University Center ("drop off" marked below)
  • Continue westward and turn right on 3rd St.
  • University Center drop-off map

To PARK after unloading

Buses must park at the Falcon Center (Ramer/Hunt/Knowles) athletic complex in the YELLOW area labeled "Bus Parking" in Pay 3 Lot (see the map on page 2 of the linked permit).

  • Printable bus parking permit and map(coming soon) (Will also be emailed to registered groups.)
Leichtle at AP History Review 4-2015
(Photo by Kathy M. Helgeson, April 2015)
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  • 2011 (by Jens Gunelson)

  • 2009 (by Jens Gunelson)

  • 2008 (by Jens Gunelson)

News Release

This annual event is:

Sponsored by UWRF
History & Philosophy Department

Coordinated & presented by
Dr. Ryan Fischer, UW-River Falls

Established & presented by
Dr. Kurt Leichtle, UW-River Falls
Dr. Robert Zeidel, UW–Stout

Contributing presenter
Mr. Doug Hjersjo, formerly of UW-River Falls & River Falls High School