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Executive Council

The UWRF Graduate Executive Council (GEC) is comprised of program directors for each of the university graduate programs, as well as individuals who support the delivery of graduate programs. The GEC provides leadership in matters relating to, but not limited to, graduate recruitment, retention, program planning and student services.  For additional information, contact Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies Wes Chapin.

Graduate Executive Council Members



Baker, Caroline (Chair and Program Director)


Blodgett, Earl (Program Director)

STEMteach-MSE Secondary Education

Bowen, Pam
(Program Manager)

Principal Licensure-MSE, Professional Development Learning Community-MSE Secondary Education, and STEMteach-MSE Secondary Education, Reading-MSE, Elementary Education-MSE

Buttles, Tim    (Program Director)

Agricultural Education-MS

Carver, Kateri (Program Director)

Montessori Education MSE

Chapin, Wes (Associate Provost)

UWRF Graduate Programs

Frederick, Amy (Program Director)


Hofacker, Erick (Program Director)

Mathematics-MSE Secondary Education

Jacobson, Linda (Program Manager)

Montessori Education MSE

Janey, Elizabeth (Program Director)

Professional Development Learning Community-MSE Secondary Education

Maillette, Mary (Graduate Student Status Examiner)

Admissions, Graduate

Monsour, Florence (Chair and Program Director)

Principal Licensure-MSE, and Secondary Education-MSE

O’Kroy, Joe    (Program Director)

Clinical Exercise Physiology-MS

Rogers, Ogden (Associate Dean)

College of Education and Professional Studies

Rourke, Zachary (Program Director)

Strength and Conditioning-MS

Schaben, Jodee (Program Director)

Health & Wellness Management Collaborative-MS

Smith, Hiawatha (Program Director)

Elementary Education-MSE

Swanson, Lori (Chair and Program Director)

Communication Sciences & Disorders-MS

Toman, Marshall (Chair and Program Director)


Van Allen, Leanne (Director of CBE Graduate Programs)

Business Administration-MBA and Computer Science-MS

Whitaker, Angela (Program Manager)

Health & Wellness Management Collaborative-MS

Woitaszewski, Scott (Program Director)

School Psychology-EDS & MSE

Zimmermann, Randy (Director)

Continuing Education

























In addition, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, the Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee, is responsible for reviewing new graduate courses and programs and is comprised of graduate faculty. See the Faculty Senate web page for more information.

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