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Faculty Forms and Directions

The forms on this page are for graduate students.

Graduate Faculty Status

Purposes: To maintain a pool of graduate faculty to teach graduate courses, advise graduate students, guide student projects, chair graduate committees and oversee graduate programs; and to maintain a pool of graduate faculty to serve on student committees.  Graduate faculty status processes are informed by the Higher Learning Commission's guidelines on "Determining Qualified Faculty."

Forms and instructions are located here, T:\Collaboration\HLC\Chairs\Faculty Status.

Graduate Studies Final Examination and Submission

Graduate Comprehensive Examination Committee Members:  The program chair assigns the chair and the second committee member.  Committee chairs either assign the third member, or may contact the Office of Graduate Studies to obtain a third committee member.  Requests for third committee member should be made as soon as possible, but no later than one semester prior to scheduling the examination.  This is necessary to confirm the third committee member's participation, to allow time for the committee chair to communicate appropriate information regarding the student's project and timeline with the third committee member, and to allow the third committee member's schedule to be taken into consideration when scheduling the examination.

Scheduling Examinations:  Please follow the process for scheduling examinations located here.

Graduate Comprehensive Examination Completion Form (Thesis, Research Paper, or Capstone Experience)  - Graduate Completion Form  *MINDS form included in this form if it is a thesis or research paper submission

Sample Cover Pages - Thesis | Research Paper

Graduate Text and Undergraduate Supplements

Instructors are required to provide notification to students regarding the textbook(s) being used for each course.  Doing so keeps the university in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act textbook provision, which mandates disclosure of items that students will be required to purchase for a class at the time of registration.  Faculty requesting textbooks for undergraduate courses are in compliance by submitting their textbook requests through textbook services, however because graduate textbooks are not handled by textbook services, graduate faculty need to take steps to be in compliance with this law.  

The Textbook Provision section (SEC. 112. Textbook Information) of the Higher Education Opportunity Act is available here.

Each graduate program is responsible for providing this information to students through its website or other accessible venue.

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