Geography Scholarship


Selection Criteria

  • declared geography major for the academic year prior to receipt of scholarship
  • must have completed at least 5 geography courses at time of application
  • no "Incomplete" grades on student record
  • full-time student
  • must have 2 semesters of full-time study remaining at UWRF
  • minimum 3.30 overall GPA 3.50 geography GPA student's minor is not a consideration for the award
  • the scholarship will be awarded at the discretion of the of the Geography Scholarship Committee

How to Apply

1.  Log in to the UWRF Scholarship System
2. Complete the general scholarship application
3. Review all recommended scholarship opportunities and apply with the click of a button!

When can I apply?

Deadlines for scholarship opportunities vary.  Please refer to the UWRF Scholarship System.  The application deadline for the Geography Scholarship is February 1st of the academic year preceding the year of the award.