Emergency Management

Emergency Management at UWRF

The UWRF Emergency Management Team (EMT) has created this site to assist in preparing the campus community for emergency situations. The site is just one piece of an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness that includes pre-disaster mitigation, emergency exercises, emergency communications systems, and continuity of operations and pandemic flu planning.

 Mission:  The University will respond to an emergency situation in a safe, effective and timely manner.  University personnel and equipment will be utilized to accomplish the following priorities:

Priority 1

 Protection of Human Life

Priority 2

 Support of Health, Safety and Basic Care Services

Priority 3

 Protection of University Assets

Priority 4

 Maintenance of University Services

Priority 5

 Assessment of Damage(s)

Priority 6

 Restoration of General Campus Operations

Sign up for the Emergency Alert Notification system now! Students, faculty and staff can sign up themselves and their emergency contacts the Emergency Alert Notification system.

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 Diagram showing Emergency Plan Process

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