Emergency Management

Emergency Management at UWRF

Mission: The University will respond to an emergency situation in a safe, effective and timely manner.  University personnel and equipment will be utilized to accomplish the following priorities:

  • Priority 1: Protection of Human Life
  • Priority 2: Support of Health, Safety and Basic Care Services
  • Priority 3: Protection of University Assets
  • Priority 4: Maintenance of University Services
  • Priority 5: Assessment of Damage(s)
  • Priority 6: Restoration of General Campus Operations

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency (Police and Fire) - 911
  • Department of University Police - (715) 425-3133
  • Poison Control Center - 1-800-222-1222
  • Central Emergency Planner - (715) 425-3711

General Principles

  • When calling 911
    1. Tell dispatcher your location (include building and room number)
    2. Answer all the dispatcher's questions and do not hang up until told to do so
    3. Follow all directions given by emergency personnel

Acts of Violence

  1. Take immediate cover for protection, preferably in a secure area
  2. Call 911
  3. Remain in secure area and await further instructions from law enforcement or public safety
  4. If evacuation is necessary, do so in accordance with direction provided by law enforcement or public safety

Criminal Acts

  • For acts in progress call 911
  • For acts not in progress call University Police's non-emergency line - (715) 425-3133

Fire Alarm or Actual Fire

  1. FIRE IN BUILDING - Pull Alarm and Evacuate Area
    FIRE ALARM/STROBES - Evacuate Area
  2. Use nearest exit or alternate safe route - DO NOT USE ELEVATORS
  3. Call 911 from assembly point or neighboring building
  4. Stay 500 feet away from the building
  5. Do NOT return to building until the "All Clear" is given

Medical Emergencies

  1. Call 911
  2. If trained, begin first aid
  3. Have another person meet police and rescue at designated area to bring personnel to victim

Natural Disasters/Inclement Weather

  1. Warning Issued: Severe weather has been sighted in the area
  2. Seek appropriate shelter (tornado shelter area or interior hallway)
  3. Stay away from windows
  4. Avoid large rooms
  5. Do NOT use elevators
  6. Monitor news and weather broadcasts

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