Emergency Grant/Loan Program

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is dedicated to student success both in and out of the classroom and recognizes that sometimes financial emergencies can occur that may interfere with this success. The UWRF Emergency Grant/Loan Program assists with some emergencies that can negatively affect success and progress towards a degree.


How much is available and what expenses qualify? 

  • Our program can provide up to $500* in the form of a grant or loan to address unplanned expenses that impede your academic progress such as utilities, housing, rent, food, meals, medical and dental expenses, prescription eyeglasses, personal automobile expenses, gasoline, public transportation costs, child care, and travel due to serious illness or death in the immediate family. 
  • The program cannot provide financial support for tuition, fees, books, legal fees, tobacco, alcohol, and entertainment.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply?

  • Students must be currently-enrolled degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students with six or more credits. 
  • Assistance is granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, or national origin.
  • A student is eligible for up to three allocations while being a degree-seeking student at UWRF, but no more than two allocations may be received in an academic year. 

How do I apply? 

  • Apply here to start the process. 
  • The Emergency Fund Committee will determine if you are eligible for a grant or a loan. 
  • If funding is available and your existing financial aid will not be negatively affected, your first allocation will be a grant which means you do not have to pay back that award. 
  • If a grant will negatively affect your current financial aid, the money will be allocated as a loan and will be added to the following semester’s bill.  

*Emergency grants/loans will only be available if institutional funding is available to support the program. 

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