Student Conduct Process - Nonacademic Misconduct

Non-Academic Misconduct

UWS Chapter 17 & 18 Investigation Process at UW-River Falls

Nonacademic Misconduct Flowchart 2

An email sent to a student's UWRF email account notifying them that they have been accused of violating UWS and/or UWRF policy. 

A meeting between a student and a Student Conduct Officer to discuss a conduct incident.

An email sent to a student's UWRF email account notifying them of the outcome(s) of the incident in which the student has been involved.

This letter will explain if the student has been determined to be responsible or not responsible for the policy violations along with a rationale outlining the reasoning for the determination.

If the student was found to be responsible, then sanctions will be listed with descriptions and due dates.

An outcome to hold students accountable to behavior that violated policy. These vary based on circumstance and are selected based on severity and recurring behavioral concerns. 

Sanctions listed in the decision letter will have descriptions and deadlines. Sanction examples that could be assigned include warnings, community service, reflection papers, restorative service sessions, restitution, etc.