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Letter of Eligibility (paperless)

Example of Letter


Faculty Notification Letters (paperless)

First semester with accommodations:

Once you receive your Letter of Eligibility, schedule a meeting to discuss Faculty Notification Letters and to review the process to request and use your accommodations at UWRF.

Returning students: 

Faculty Notification Letters (FNL) should be emailed within the first few weeks of a new term. The first day is recommended.  (Tutorial Video)

  1. Select your courses and your accommodations - choosing to share all eligible accommodations is recommended
  2. Submit your requests to email Faculty Notification Letters. 
  3. Follow up with your professor to verify they've received your letters.

Testing Accommodation Request (paperless)

Requests for an Exam/Quiz should be made a week in advance and Final Exams should be requested at least 2 weeks prior to finals week.

  1. Access your DRC Connect platform by logging in above and choosing the Alternative Testing option, found in the left column.
  2. Select Class in the drop down options and Schedule an Exam.
  3. Exams are any timed assessment between week one and week 16 that are not considered a quiz or final test.
  4. Select Date to test. This should correspond with the class schedule.
  5. Select Time to Start test. 
  6. Choose all eligible accommodations you're requesting.
  7. Add Exam Request

You will be able to review your exam requests and be notified when they are approved. It is recommended that you enter all known test dates, even if the professor has not entered their information into the system yet. It's best to enter the dates early and adjust if needed. If your test request is submitted late, you might not be able to test in the Disability Resource Center. Contact us with any questions. 

Lecture Notes

  1. Classmate Note Taker Request - this process is currently being improved
  2. GLEAN audio notetaker - access to link is provided by email upon approval of accommodation.


Alternative Text Accommodation Form (eBook)

Alternative Text Accommodation Request Form

Contact textbook services if you have not received your upcoming course textbook titles. Explain you need the titles and ISBN for each textbook for your DRC accommodations.


Transcribing, and Other Media Accommodation Forms

Contact the DRC office if you need this accommodation.  Turnaround time can vary from a day to weeks depending access to the material. Early requests are appreciated!


Housing Accommodation Forms 

Residence Life Disability-Related Accommodation Resident Request Form

Residence Life Disability-Related Accommodation Request Clinician Form

Residence Life Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Request Clinician Form

Emotional Support Animal Policy

Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Process Guide


Report a Concern

Report It!


File a Grievance or Request Appeal

Complaint Process


Nondiscrimination Form

Nondiscrimination on basis of Disability: Policy Statement


Documentation Guidelines


Release of Confidential Information Form

Authorization to Release Confidential Information

Equal Access for Students

Fostering Independence, Reducing Barriers, & Promoting Inclusion


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