Disability Resource Center

First-Year Peer Mentoring Program within the DRC

This program is designed for first-year students who identify as having a disability. All peer mentors are students already connected with the Disability Resource Center. Interested first-year students will need to complete the academic accommodation process, to be eligible for this program. 

Here are the types of supports that peer mentors can provide: 

  • Help students problem-solve issues and navigate concerns.
  • Assist students in navigating campus resources.
  • Assist in developing positive study skills and connecting students to the larger campus community. 
  • Help to identify individual student barriers when accessing campus resources and working with students to develop positive skills to appropriately address these barriers. 
  • Assist students in successfully transitioning to college.  
  • Offer guidance as it relates to spring registration and meetings with faculty. 
  • Offer assistance in learning about employment opportunities on campus.  
  • Provide guidance, tips, and advice on topics like living on campus and working with others. 
  • Assist students in navigating student platforms (Canvas, ESIS, etc.) 
  • Assist students in understanding the accommodation process. 
  • Mentors provide support during the Disability Resource Center's Jumpstart Program (August 28th-September 2nd)
  • When possible, mentees are matched with mentors who have a similar disability/disabilities.  

If you are interested in being assigned a peer mentor, please select the “Disability Resource Center Peer Mentoring Program for First-Year Students," on the New Student Application.

If you have already completed the New Student Application, and would like to be assigned a peer mentor, please email Alicia Reinke-Tuthill directly with your interest at (  

We are very excited to continue to offer this program for the 2022-2023 academic year! 

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