Information Security

Information Security

Phishing hook image The University of Wisconsin System and UW-River Falls takes information security very seriously. Protecting your information and giving you the tools to protect yourself is part of our ongoing mission.

IT resources are essential tools for accomplishing the UW System’s mission of disseminating and extending knowledge, fostering the free exchange of ideas, and providing effective support for teaching, research, and public service functions. It is the policy of the UW System Board of Regents that access to and use of UW System IT resources is a privilege that extends to authorized users for use in fulfilling the missions of the UW System and UW institutions, and for appropriate university-related activities. Please take a moment to review the acceptable use policy and explore information security policies.

Compromised login credentials are a major source of malware and fraud. Don't be a phishing scam victim. Never give out your password or enter it into website unless you are confident you are in the right place and always use multifactor authentication if it is available.  Reputable organizations will never ask for your personal data, account numbers, or passwords via e-mail. To learn more about how to protect yourself, explore the Information Security Awareness Resources provided.

Employees are required by UW System policy to report: 

  • All lost or stolen assets, including personally owned devices which contain UW System owned data and information such as Microsoft Teams or email.
  • Any physical intrusion into secure areas.
  • Discovery of malware, viruses, or unauthorized access to information assets.
  • Inappropriately shared, exposed, or lost data.

Reporting is simple. Just call or email the help desk. Learning Information Technology staff will manage your incident in accordance with the campus Incident Response Plan and System Policy. Always ensure your own safety before reporting incidents and call 911 if you require immediate assistance from the police, fire, or ambulance services. For more information regarding incident response and reporting, please refer to the incident response plan link.

If you have any security concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Division of Technology Services (DoTS)  helpdesk at  715-425-3687 or . The DoTS will never ask you for your password. The only information we should ever need from you is your Falcon Account name (e.g. W1234567).