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Dress for Success

ONLY students wearing professional attire will be admitted into the Career Fair.


Appropriate Attire
Inappropriate Attire

• Suit
• Necktie
• Khakis
• Dress pants
• Polished black or brown close-toed shoes
• Knee-length skirt
• Sweater/cardigan
• Button-down dress shirt or blazer

• Athletic pants
• Jeans with holes
• T-shirt
• Sweatpants and sweatshirts
• Sneakers
• Leggings
• Shorts
• Flip-flops
• Hats

Tips for Men Tips for Women

Suit for a business professional conservative environment

Dark solid or slight pinstripe conservative.

Pants or skirt for a conservative business professional environment

Conservative suit in neutral colors or understated plaids. Skirt length no shorter than slightly above the knee, no longer than just below mid-calf.

Blazer for an informal business casual environment

Coordinated sport coat or blazer with khakis, chinos, or gabardine trousers.

Unmatched suit for an informal business causal environment.

Jacket and pants or skirt in coordinating colors and fabrics. Skirt length no shorter than slightly above the knee, no longer than just below mid-calf.


Long-sleeved dress shirt in solid colors such as white, cream, or light blue are preferred.


Solid colors or small, subtle geometric patterns and florals. Avoid sheer fabrics, oversized prints, frills, ruffles, straps, or plunging necklines.


Medium width silk ties in solids, stripes, and small patterns (tip of the tie should touch the top of the belt).


Plain round face or tank-styled watch with leather or clasp-style metal band.

Shoes and socks 

Dressy slip-ons and lace-up shoes in black, burgundy, or dark brown; dark color or neutral over-the-calf socks coordinated to trousers.


Medium to low heeled pumps, no open toes or slings; opt for shoes in black, navy, taupe, or dark brown leather. Shoe color should match or be darker than hemline. Neutral-colored stockings to match or compliment skin tone.

Belts and accessories 

Leather belts in black, burgundy, or dark brown to match trousers or shoes. Avoid flashy cuff links, rings, or neck chains. Remove earring(s) before the interview. Trim-styled watch with leather or good-quality metal band. Wedding bands and conservative rings are appropriate, but limit one per hand.

Belts and accessories 

Belts in neutral colors no more than an inch wide. Limit jewelry to small pieces in gold or silver; pearls are also appropriate. No dangling earrings and only one pair per ear. Good quality rings limited to one ring per hand.

Hair, skin and fragrance 

Hair should be clean and neatly combed. No "five-o’clock shadow," facial hair should be groomed and trimmed. Go light on aftershave products and avoid colognes. Cover tattoos.

Hair, makeup and fragrance 

Hair should be natural color, or at least look that way. Wear longer hair pulled up or back and away from your face. Go light on makeup and avoid perfume. Cover tattoos.


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