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UWRF BP Logix Project

BP Logix is a web based software as a service solution procured by UW System for institutions to implement in 2019. It is a customizable tool that allows people to build web based forms and automated processes to handle frequent interactions. It is designed to allow rapid development of web based workflows to help improve processes without the typical technical challenges faced by standard web applications. It will bring efficiencies to many areas of the university and enable better tracking of processes. The outcome will be an improved experience with interactions between students, faculty and staff.

Staff from UW Eau Claire will be mentoring UW River Falls in our implementation to help share best practices to help with accelerating the deployment. UW Eau Claire has been using BP Logix prior to the UW System procurement as a stand alone institution.

We look forward to working with all UW River Falls stakeholders throughout the coming months to implement this tool together. As we develop a plan for deployment, we will update this web page with specific steps you can take to start using BP Logix.

If you would like to start today, the best action you can take would be to review your documented processes and ask yourself how you would like to improve the process. Write down as much as you can about the current and desired future state of the process. We will be scheduling consultations in the future as we begin development and will ask for this documentation as an initial requirements gathering. 

For any questions about the implementation or how you can get involved, please contact Peter Reese Enterprise Applications and Services Manager in DoTS

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