The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and the Coordinator for Learning Effectiveness are jointly responsible for assessment initiatives at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. These units work together to support assessment efforts, and to ensure that assessment is being used for program improvement. 

Assessment of student learning is a high priority for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. UWRF has worked to develop a culture of assessment where programs actively engage in continuous improvement of student learning on a regular basis. All academic programs regularly submit assessment plans and reports that are analyzed by the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee.  These efforts contribute to the institution’s mission to “help students learn so they are successful as productive, creative, ethical, engaged citizens and leaders with an informed global perspective” and are part of the university's ongoing program prioritization and program review processes.  The university's general education and university requirements programs are assessed by the Faculty Senate General Education and University Requirements Committee.  Additional information about assessement is located below.

Academic Program Learning Outcomes

Academic programs include majors, minors, certificates, and graduate programs.  Each of these has defined learning outcomes, and a complete listing of these can be accessed on the Program Learning Outcomes page.

Degree Programs:  Common Learning Outcomes

Each degree program (i.e. undergraduate majors and graduate programs) has identified specific learning outcomes that align with the common learning outcomes identified by the Higher Learning Commission, "Every degree program offered by the institution engages students in collecting, analyzing, and communicating information; in mastering modes of inquiry or creative work; and in developing skills adaptable to changing environments."  (HLC Criterion 3.B.3)  A complete listing of common learning outcomes for degree programs can be accessed on the Common Learning Outcomes page.

Degree Programs: Assessment Plans and Reports

Each degree program (i.e. undergraduate majors and graduate programs) has both an assessment plan and an assessment report for each program that are adopted by the academic department and reviewed by the Faculty Senate Assessment Committee.  Assessment plans and assessment reports for each degree program are located here.

Co-Curricular Assessment

Each co-curricular area has identified learning outcomes.  Additional information about these is located here.

Liberal Education and America's Promise

UWRF participates in and supports the UW-System's engagement in Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP).  "In 2005, the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) named the University of Wisconsin System its pilot partner in moving its Liberal Education and America's Promise—or LEAP—Campaign forward. Wisconsin thus became the first pilot state for AAC&U's public advocacy and campus-based activities known as the LEAP States Initiative."  (Additional information can be located on the UW System website.)

UW System also provides a scholarship opportunity for students related to LEAP, the Liberal Arts Essay Scholarship Competition, and details about this can be located here.

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