Program Review and Assessment

Program Review

Program Review

The Program Audit Review Committee is comprised of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies; Deans of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences; Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences; Education and Professional Studies; and Business and Economics; and six faculty members appointed for three-year terms by the Faculty Senate - one from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences; one from the College of Education and Professional Studies; two from the College of Arts and Sciences; one from the College of Business and Economics; and one at-large, tenure-track faculty member. Two students serve on the committee and are appointed by the Student Senate for two-year terms.

The following programs will be reviewed in 2017-18:

  • Agricultural Business major
  • Agricultural Engineering Technology major
  • Broad Field Social Studies major
  • Crop and Soil Science major
  • Economics major
  • Geography major
  • International Studies major
  • Marketing Communications major


Program Audit and Review Files and Information (e.g. Master Program Review Schedule, Review Guidelines, etc.) are located on the university's T-drive, accessible to faculty, staff, and administrators through Falcon Share.  The files can also be accessed from university computers using the following path: Computer > Campus (\\ (t:) > Collaboration > Program Prioritization-Audit-Review-Assessment > ProgRev.


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