Program Review and Assessment

Program Review

The following programs are in the 2022-2023 program improvement process cycle. The schedule listing when all programs will be reviewed is available at T:\Collaboration\Program Prioritization-Audit-Review-Assessment\ProgRev

  • Agricultural Engineering BS (also PAR)
  • Biomedical and Health Science BS
  • Biotechnology BS (also PAR)
  • Chemistry BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Communication Science and Disorders BS & BA
  • Communication Science and Disorders MS
  • Criminology BS (also PAR)
  • Cybersecurity MS (collaborative)
  • Elementary Education BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Elementary Education MSE (also PAR)
  • Engineering Technology BS
  • Environmental Engineering BS
  • General Education
  • Health and Wellness Management (Collaborative) MS (also PAR)
  • Horticulture BS
  • Liberal Arts AA
  • Libera Arts AS
  • Mathematics BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Modern Languages BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Music Education BME (also PAR)
  • Music BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Neuroscience BS (also PAR)
  • Physics BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Political Science BS & BA
  • School Psychology EDS
  • School Psychology MSE
  • Sociology BS & BA
  • Stage and Screen Arts BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Strength and Conditioning MS
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages BS & BA (also PAR)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA (also PAR)

Questions related to PIP-PAR should be directed to Wes Chapin, 104 North Hall, (715) 425-0629.

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