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The Grant Accounting Office is responsible for assisting faculty, staff, and administrators in the financial management of federal and non-federal grants and contracts. The office also provides financial reporting, budget consultation, billing, cash management, project match reporting, and time and effort certification services.

Fringe Benefit Rates

Indirect Cost Rates

Applications for grants and contracts are prepared by staff in the Office of Grants and Research.

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Foreign Influence Reporting


Section 117 of the Higher Education Act requires institutions to report that any gift or contract payment (or combination of payments) received from a foreign source exceeding $250,000, in whole or in part, within a calendar year, must be disclosed to the Secretary of Education at the United States Department of Education on January 31 or July 31, whichever is sooner.

See the following reporting guidelines for more information:

Foreign Influence-Section 117 Compliance Reporting Policy

Foreign Transaction Reporting Form

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