Student Senate



Academic Council

The Academic Council supports student success and advocates for academic policy change. Members of the council answer student questions and lead initiatives that educate sudents about academic affairs. Along with answering questions, members of the council gather suggestions from the student body. The council uses suggestions and students' experiences to guide the Student Senates policy recommendations to other shared governance organizations. 

Director: Alexander Al-Najim



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee holds major power on campus through their oversight of student segregated fees. The committee reviews the budget proposals from campus entities such as Textbook Services, Residence Life, and Counseling Services, and forwards their recommendations to the chancellor. This gives members of the committee the unique opportunity to advocate for how students segregated fees should be spent. The Finance Committee also allocates out money to Recognized Studnet Organizations, so they can attend conferences, or put on events to engage students. 

Director: Emma Erb



Oversight & Rules Committee

The purpose of the Oversight and Rules Committee shall be to settle all disputes arising in the Student Association, in accordance with all procedures and rules outlined below as well as in accordance with all University and System policies. The Committee is tasked with the review and alteration of all governing documents.

Director: TBD



University Center Committee

The University Center Committee is critical in maintaining and updating policies and procedures throughout the University Center. This committee provides feedback and recommendations on University Center Programming and University Center policies. The committee also provides advice on the creation and review of Recognized Student Organizations.

Director: Jeslyn Andrews



Mental Health Ad-Hoc Committee

The Mental Health Ad-Hoc Committee shall advocate for policy and procedures which best support the mental health of students at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. 

Chair: Alexander Al-Najim



Safety Task Force

The Safety Task Force shall perform outreach with students, coordinate with members of administration, craft legislaiton, and strategically work to implement positive safety changes at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. 

Chair: April Yang



Bylaw Revision and Review Committee

The Bylaw Revision and review Committee shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the Bylaws of the Student Government Association at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The committee will provide communicaiton and recommendations to the Student Senate regarding the bylaw updates adn proposed amendments on a section-by-section basis. 

Chair: Kaitlyn Fields