Student Senate



Academic Affairs & Student Success Committee

This committee focuses on promoting and securing conditions conducive to student intellectual and educational advancement. The Academic Affairs & Student Success Committee also is in charge of reviewing and updating the “Student Academic Priorities” document each semester during the academic year.

Director: Carlos Alderete 

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Finance Committee

This committee ensures that the distribution of funds to all organizations and campus entities is carried out in a way that is consistent and follows UW System administrative policy 820 from one organization to the next by establishing the funding priorities and preferences. The committee also serves to oversee the expenditure of non-allocable segregated fees and to distribute allocable segregated fees.

Director: Reegan Spriggle

E-mail Address:


Oversight & Rules Committee

The purpose of the Oversight and Rules Committee shall be to settle all disputes arising in the Student Association, in accordance with all procedures and rules outlined below as well as in accordance with all University and System policies. The Committee is tasked with the review and alteration of all governing documents.

Director: Fallon Anderson

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University Center Committee

The university Center Committee is critical in maintaining and updating policies and procedures throughout the University Center. This committee provides feedback and recommendations on University Center Programming and University Center policies. The committee also provides advice on the creation and review of recognized student organizations.


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