Student Senate

Executive Board

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board shall be to advise the SGA President and SGA Vice President on al business relating to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and the SGA. Executive Branch members shall carry out all tasks and responsibilities delegated by the SGA President and SGA Vice President.

JS headshot

Joe Schlies, President

Emma Polucha

Em Polucha, Chief of Staff

AA headshot

Alexander Al-Najim, Academic Affairs
and Student Success Director

GV headshot

Grace Verdick, Marketing and
Outreach Director

AR headshot

Amber Rappl, Sustainability Director

AB headshot

Ava Baden, Vice President

EE headshot

Emma Erb, Finance Director

EN headshot

Evelyn Nelson, External Relations and
Legislative Affairs Director

LM headshot

Linnea Milner, Oversight and Rules
Committee Director

AY headshot

April Yang, University Center
Committee Director