Student Handbook

Placement Testing Center

Admissions Office
115 South Hall

Placement Testing

Placement tests are used to place you into appropriate English composition and math classes.  Modern language tests (German and Spanish) are also available for those who have taken a language in high school and wish to continue.  All UW-River Falls students are required to complete these tests unless you have taken a college course in math and/or English composition.  You can take the tests at any of the test centers listed online; you do not need to take them at the UW-school you are planning to attend. 

  • If you are taking the placement tests at a location other than River Falls: you need to allow 10 business days prior to your registration date in order for scores to be available. 
    Students taking tests at River Falls the day before their registration date will have scores available the following day.
  • If you are taking an AP math course or AP English Language and Composition this spring, you should plan on taking the placement tests (because the AP scores will not be available until July and registration is in June - if necessary, you can adjust your schedule in July).
  • If you have taken German or Spanish in high school, we recommend that you take the modern language placement test for your language, especially if you are considering continuing in that language. Students can earn up to 14 credits (and corresponding grades of A) for taking the placement test and passing the class you are placed in with a grade of B- or better.
  • If you are taking the Math placement test, please note that you are allowed to bring a non-graphing calculator to use during the test.
  • If you request to take placement tests under non-standard conditions due to a disability, do not register online. Instead, send a letter on high school letterhead from a teacher, counselor, or principal describing the appropriate accommodations you need.

Students attending UW-River Falls who are not able to take their placement tests during the Regional Placement Testing Program can take them in early June, late August, or January (depending on whether you are starting in the Fall or Spring) prior to their registration date.  

Parking for placement testing is free to students and families who display the proper permit in Pay 1 lot.  The parking permit for Placement Testing and New Student Registration is sent to you in your confirmation materials five days prior to your registration event.