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Social Security

SS Wis Min

  • For Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chisago, Washington, Pierce and St. Croix there were 40% - 50% more workers than dependents in 2019.
  • For Polk County there were about one-third more workers than dependents in 2019, but only about 10% more in Burnett County

SS Wisc

  • The dependency ratio has been falling in all Wisconsin jurisdictions, as populations age.
  • Polk and Burnett Counties have particularly low ratios, with Burnett approaching the point at which for every person in their prime working years (20 – 64 years old), there is one who is under 20 (and likely still in school) or 65 and older (and likely retired).
  • Pierce and St. Croix Counties, which had stronger dependency ratios than the state, have fallen to nearly the average for Wisconsin.

SS min

  • The dependency ratio in Minnesota and Washington County have been declining slowly over time.
  • Chisago County’s dependency ration has been flat; never less than 1.50, nor larger than 1.53.

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