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Survey Research

You are required to get IRB approval before conducting any human subject research, including research with surveys. To determine if your survey qualifies as research, visit the IRB website.

If you require an email contact list for your research, please include a copy of your IRB approval letter with your data request.

Creating a Qualtrics Account

  • Step 1: Go to the UWRF Qualtrics Portal page
  • Step 2: Enter your Falcon ID (W#) credentials and follow the authentication process.

After you create and verify your Qualtrics account, we will review your account and turn on your distribution rights. You will receive an email once this has been completed.

* Note: Creating your account through the UWRF Qualtrics Portal will allow you to collaborate and share survey results with colleagues.

Account Disabled Message

If you receive an "Account Disabled" notification, please email us to re-establish your account access.

Need Help With a Survey?

Review the Qualtrics survey support information here: Qualtrics Survey Support

If you need additional assistance with your survey, please email us.

Announcements & Updates

07-06-2022: The "Contacts" menu is being renamed to "Directories" with some modified layout and functionality.

06-27-2022: The "Survey Translations" feature has been redesigned and enhanced for better usability.


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