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Test Out Information

Test-Out Program (Retroactive Credit)

Students with especially strong backgrounds have the opportunity to test-out of up to 12 semester hours of credit through departmental testing, except in the Modern Language department which allows up to 14 semester hours of credit.

Students may not test out of courses for credit if they have taken the course, if currently enrolled in the course, or if they have taken higher level courses for which application is made. Students are not allowed to attempt to test out of a course more than once.

Transfer students may have to take additional coursework at UWRF in the event that the institution from which they transferred did not grant test-out credits.

A student may not receive test-out credit for more than two courses in any one department except in the departments of Modern Language and Health and Human Performance.

The Department of Health and Human Performance allows up to 3 hours of test-out credit.

The Modern Language department allows up to 14 semester hours of test-out credit in a foreign language. The student is placed in an appropriate level foreign language course based on a placement test. If the student takes the course where placed and passes with a grade of B or better, credit is awarded retroactively for courses below the confirming course. Retroactive credit will be recorded on the UWRF transcript at the end of the semester in which the confirming course is satisfactorily completed. The Modern Language Department placement testing is designed for incoming freshmen who learned French, German or Spanish as a second language. Native speakers and transfer students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.