Current Students

Current Students

An Important Message to Students Regarding Temporary Policy Changes for Fall 2020 

In view of the global pandemic, its effect on our students, faculty, and all the members of our community who support our educational programs, and after extensive consultation and deliberation, it has been decided that the following Academic Policies will be implemented for Fall 2020-2021.
Dropping a Course during Fall 2020-
A student may drop a course at any point in the semester up to December 14, 2020 using the Add Drop form.  After December 14, 2020 a late drop will be required and approved by the Dean of their College. A student needs to submit the form and once the form is submitted and approved by the student’s instructor and adviser, the Registrar’s Office will process the drop for the student.  A student will receive a “W” on their transcript beginning on day 16.  The student needs to complete and submit the form before 11:59 pm on December 14.
Semester Withdrawal-
If a student wishes to drop all of their courses and withdraw from the semester, they must fill out the online withdrawal form.  The withdrawal will be processed the day it is received in the Registrar’s Office.
Academic Standing Policy-
The current 9.2.21 Suspension and Probation Policy will remain intact for the Fall 2020 term.  Academic Standing will be ran for all Undergraduate and Graduate students and any student who does not maintain a 2.000 cumulative GPA will not be in Good Academic Standing.  
Pass-Fail Privilege for Undergraduate Student-
Students often hesitate to purse coursework outside their major field.  To encourage more breadth academically, the University allows qualified students to enroll in a course on a pass-fail basis.
  1. The Privilege
    1. Credits earned under the pass-fail system will be counted for degree requirements but will not be included in the computation of the student’s honor point ratio.
    2. The grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent record as either “S” pass if the grade is “D” or better or “U” (fail) if the grade is “F”.  A “U” grade is included in computing the student’s honor point ratio.
  2. Requirement for the Privilege
    1. Undergraduate students who are not on scholastic probation may take an unlimited number of courses during the fall 2020 semester on a pass-fail basis with a semester maximum of;
      1. 3 courses, or up to 9 credits, taken on a pass-fail basis in coursework required for General Education.
      2. 3 courses, or up to 9 credits, taken on a pass-fail basis in coursework required, or curriculum options, within a departmental major.  Internships are an exception to this rule.
    2. Under no circumstances shall more than 18 credits in a student’s declared major, or more than 9 credits in a student’s declared minor, be earned using the pass/fail option.
  3. Conditions for the Privilege
    1. Under not circumstances will the student be permitted to change a course to a pass-fail basis after the seventh week of classes (or October 21, 2020 @11:59 p.m.)  *Note the deadline for Session A and Session B courses is September 25, 2020, @11:59 p.m. and November 13, 2020 @11:59 p.m. respectively in order to convert a graded coursed to Pass/Fail.
    2. Care should be taken that courses which might be necessary for a major or pre-professional program or other such purpose, decided on later, are not taken as pass-fail.
    3. If it is determined that a student elected a course without being eligible or without meeting the requirements, the student will be required to carry the course on the conventional grading scale.
  4. Procedures for courses on the Pass-Fail System
    1. Students shall use the Fall 2020 Pass/Fail form provided by the Registrar’s Office and may include a note of explanation for the request.
    2. A student meeting these pass-fail requirements and requesting the pass/fail privilege must secure the approval of the course instructor and the academic adviser.
      1. If a student has not yet declared a major, the academic adviser (for non-declared majors) that has been assigned to the student should consult with the appropriate academic department chair for the relevant course before entering a decision.
      2. Instructors are strongly discouraged from declaring a blanket approach to pass/fail approvals or denials for a given course.  Instructors are expected, under this policy, to make individual decisions about each.
    3. The academic adviser and the course instructor must both, individually, approve or deny each request and provide a note of explanation for any denial of a student’s pass/fail request.  Instructors and Academic Advisers will both submit their decisions no later than 11:59 p.m. on October 28, 2020.  *Note, the deadline for advisers and instructors for Session A and Session B are 11:59 p.m. on October 2, 2020, and 11:59 p.m. on November 20, 2020, respectively.
    4. If all approvals are granted, the Registrar will process the change.  Students may not request the reversal of a change to pass/fail grading once the change has been processed.
    5. If all approvals are NOT granted, the student has the option to continue in the course and earn a letter grade, drop the course, or pursue an appeal of the decision as follow:                            

      Appeal Process: Appeal of the decision must be made by December 14, 2020.  The student should first discuss the matter with the instructor of the course involved. If the matter is not satisfactorily settled, the student should then discuss the matter with the chair of the department in which the course was offered. The Chair shall consult with the student’s academic advisor.  If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by the chair, or if the chair is the actual instructor of record, the student should then make a written appeal to the Dean of the College in which the course was offered, including a clear statement of the problem and arguments or evidence to support the student's appeal. The Dean will discuss the matter with the student, with the instructor of record, and with the department chair, and will attempt to resolve the matter and render a decision. A final complaint in written form may be submitted to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. An appeal committee of five, as a subset of the Academic Standards Committee, approved by the Academic Standards Committee, will hear the complaint and make a recommendation to the Provost's Office. The student may be accompanied by another person of their choice at any stage of the complaint process.
Understanding the Pass/Fail grade: Upon receipt of all required approvals, if the student passes the course with a letter grade of "D" or higher, they will receive instead an "S" grade (for satisfactory) and the course will count towards total credit earned, but the grade does not count in their GP A. If a student does not pass the course, they will receive a "U" grade (for unsatisfactory), which is treated as an "F" and does affect the student's GPA.
We strongly encourage students to hold a detailed conversation with their academic advisor about the long-term implications of converting to a pass/fail grade before requesting the change. Students should consider items including, but not limited to the following, when deciding to make a request for course grade change to pass/fail:
  • The potential for having to re-take a course completed using pass/fail in order to earn a letter grade is significant and worthy of careful consideration.
  • If you plan to transfer to another institution, some institutions do not transfer these credits into the fulfillment of degree requirements.
  • Pre-requisites in your degree program at UWRF may have specific letter grade requirements in order for you to move to the next level in a sequence of courses.
  • Many pre-professional programs and graduate programs have letter grade entrance requirements for certain courses. Be sure to connect with your advisor concerning your plans for graduate school.
  • Retro-credits for completion of foreign language courses rely upon letter grade results, and the opportunity to earn those retro-credits would be lost with a move to pass/fail.
  • The "pass" grade will not count toward either overall or major GP A. However, the "fail" grade will affect your GPA just like an "F."

Dates to Remember:

September 2- First day of classes

September 9 - Last to add or drop an open Regular Session or Session A class without instructor and advisor signature. 

September 11- Last day to drop a Session A course without a W. 

September 18 - Graduation application deadline to participate in the Fall 20 Commencement Ceremony.

September 24- Last day to drop a Regular Session class without a 'W' noted on transcript.

October 14- Last day to withdraw from the semester without 'W' noted on transcript.

October 19: J-Term registration opens

October 22- Session B begins.

October 29- Last day to add or drop an open Session B class without instructor and advisor signature.

November 2- Graduation application deadline, not participating in the Spring 20 Commencement Ceremony.

November 2- Last day to drop a Session B class without a "W" being noted on a transcript

November 6- Spring Registration begins 

November 11- Last day to drop Regular Session class for academic reasons before late drop is necessary.  

December 14- Last Day of Classes.

December 16-21- Final Exams

December 19- Fall 2020 Commencement 

December 30- Faculty must have Fall 2020 grades entered to eSIS by 3:00pm; after that, grade change cards must be submitted.