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UWRF Psychology Peer Mentoring Program


The Department of Psychology's Peer Mentoring program has been developed to train junior and senior psychology majors as peer mentors who engage with first-year psychology majors in an effort to facilitate the first-year students' success at UWRF.

The expected outcomes of the Peer Mentoring Program are to:

  • support the Department's efforts in retaining first-year students in the Psychology Department by enhancing the overall experience of first-year students
  • provide relevant training and mentoring experience to juior and senior psychology/neuroscience majors within the Department of Psychology


Roles of the Peer Mentor

The primary roles of the Peer Mentor are to:

  • engage with first-year psychology students and provide them with an experienced student contact within the psychology department;
  • provide one-on-one assistance to first-year students with regard to their adjustment to UWRF and to the psychology department;
  • act as a role model for first year students in the department;
  • be a resource of information for first-year students about UWRF in general and the psychology department and majors in particular;
  • provide encouragement to first-year students for their involvement in various campus and departmental activities;
  • providing basic academic tutoring and advising consistent with expertise;
  • serve as a referral resource to first-year students in need of services beyond the scope of the peer mentoring relationship.


2021-2022 Peer Mentors

Current Mentors


Interested in Becoming a Peer Mentor?

You can apply to be a peer mentor with the application below:

Peer Mentor Application

Peer Mentors must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a psychology/neuroscience major and have earned at least 12 credits of psychology/neuroscience.
  • Have at least 3 semesters at UW - River Falls
  • Enroll in PSYC 326:01 Peer Mentoring during Fall Semester, 2021.


Rik Seefeldt, Peer Mentor Advisor
Travis Tubré, Chair, Department of Psychology
Jody Sather, Department Associate, Psychology