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SSS Banquet 042409-007smCell Phones and Video/Still Images

Students who have a cell phone ring in an event may be disqualified in the event, at the discretion of the event supervisor. All students are strongly encouraged to turn off all cell phones or do not take them into competitive events.

In accordance with the National Science Olympiad policy on media and images, students, coaches, team representatives and spectators will only be allowed to take pictures of people and devices associated with their school. No imagery (still or video) of other students and/or other schools’ devices will be allowed to be taken during the tournament, in accordance with NSO policy (policy created in May 2010).

Pictures of medal winners will be taken by a photographer from the Society of Physics Students. These photos will be posted to a special Flickr account after the tournament. All coaches will receive a link to that account after the tournament and can then download as many photos as needed. In an effort to streamline the awards ceremony, please do NOT send people up to the stage to take pictures during the ceremony. Photos of the medal winners for each event will be taken immediately after their medal presenatation at a photo area right next to the stage.

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