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The tournament will be broken down into two divisions based on high school enrollment. We will consider requests from coaches to place a team in a specific division, regardless of enrollment. Medals will be awarded to the top four finishers in both divisions in all 28 events in the tournament. Team trophies will be awarded to the top four teams in both divisions of the tournament. National Scoring will be used to calculate team scores (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc…low score wins), and every teams’ five worst event scores will be dropped when calculating team scores, compensating for the five Wisconsin Science Olympiad events. Only one trophy can be earned by a school. A spirit award will be awarded to the high school team which displays the most positive team spirit, as voted on by the event supervisors.

The new version of Avogadro has a presentation system integrated to allow for immediate presentation of results. We will work hard to quickly and accurately conduct the awards ceremony, while still creating a memorable experience for all students involved.


Avogadro will be used to score this competition. If you have used Avogadro before, email your username to the Head Scorer, Marguerite Blodgett at You will be notified when you are linked to your team(s) for the River Falls tournament. If you are unable to remember your username, etc., email Marguerite Blodgett. Please do not create another account!! If you haven't used Avogadro since last year and need a refresher, see the Avogadro User Guide for Coaches and Event Supervisors.

If you have not used Avogadro before, you will need to create and activate (via e-mail) an account. One account is all you need for your team(s). For complete instructions on how to create an account in Avogadro, see the Avogadro User Guide for Coaches and Event Supervisors. Use this link, to go to Avogadro and begin the registration process.

Once you have activated your account, e-mail Marguerite Blodgett with your username so that you can be linked to your team(s). You will be notified when you are linked to your team(s).

After receiving notification that you are linked to your team(s), log in to Avogadro. Refer to the Avogadro User Guide. There you will find instructions on how to add student names to your teams and assign them to specific events. There are also instructions on how to self-schedule in Mendel. You MUST add your student names into Avogadro before the date of the tournament. 

Please contact Andy Hamm at 715-643-3647 ext# 432 if you have any questions about using Avogadro. 

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