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Conservation and Environmental Planning

Conservation and Environmental Planning

The revised conservation and environmental planning major is a combination of the former conservation program and former community planning program. This new program is designed as a comprehensive field-based natural resources management program, teaching you both management of the natural world and the human or "built" environment as well as the complex interactions between the natural and built systems. The conservation and environmental planning program will also include a focus on ecological restoration to provide expertise in the growing field of restoring damaged or destroyed ecosystems.

All students will take a set of core and support courses and must select either the conservation option or the environmental planning option, depending on your interests and goals. Students may also select a restoration management emphasis which focuses on the process of restoring degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems. The restoration management emphasis is anticipated to be available beginning fall 2016. Minors in conservation or environmental planning are also available.

Learning Outcomes

As a student in this program, you will learn to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of regional and global ecosystems and expertise in conservation management techniques
  • Safely and effectively utilize field equipment common to the natural resource management discipline
  • Understand the technical and regulatory dimensions for developing the human/built environment in ways that avoid, minimize or mitigate the impacts on natural systems
  • Become proficient at the skills involved in restoring and rehabilitating degraded ecosystems

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of the conservation and environmental planning program, you can expect job positions in the following areas:

  • Natural resource managers in the public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Technicians and project managers in private consulting firms
  • Ecological restoration specialists
  • Community and environmental planners