Degree Requirements

Environmental Planning Minor

ESM 151 introduction to Land Use Theory and Practice 3 cr.
ESM 251 Community Decision-Making 3 cr.
ESM 351 Planning for Sustainable Communities 3 cr.
ESM 411 Site Planning and Development 4 cr.
ESM 435 Advanced Land Use Planning and Design 4 cr.

Choose two of the following:

ESM 220 Environmental Sustainability: Theory, Issues and Mngt 3 cr.
ESM 303 Environmental Policies and Administration 3 cr.
ESM 360 Applied Hydrology and Water Quality 4 cr.
AGEC 445 / ESM 445 Land Use and Sustainable Agriculture 3 cr.
SOIL 120 Introduction to Soil Science
GEOL 269 Environmental Geology 3 cr.

Department of Plant and Earth Science

324 Agricultural Science

Holly Dolliver-Chair, Olutoyosi Ajayi, Jill Coleman-Wasik, Kelsey Cowart, Christopher Holtkamp, Todd Johnson, Kevyn Juneau, Veronica Justen, Kerry Keen, Sonja Maki, Yoana Newman, Natasha Rayne, Eric Sanden, Brian Smith, Heather Sumner Davis, Kevin Thaisen, Dan Waletzko, Kelly Wilhelm, David Zlesak