Degree Requirements

Environmental Planning Minor

ESM 151 introduction to Land Use Theory and Practice 3 cr.
ESM 251 Community Decision-Making 3 cr.
ESM 351 Planning for Sustainable Communities 3 cr.
ESM 411 Site Planning and Development 4 cr.
ESM 435 Advanced Land Use Planning and Design 4 cr.

Choose two of the following:

ESM 220 Environmental Sustainability: Theory, Issues and Mngt 3 cr.
ESM 303 Environmental Policies and Administration 3 cr.
ESM 360 Applied Hydrology and Water Quality 4 cr.
AGEC 445 / ESM 445 Land Use and Sustainable Agriculture 3 cr.
SOIL 120 Introduction to Soil Science
GEOL 269 Environmental Geology 3 cr.

Department of Plant and Earth Science

324 Agricultural Science

Donavon Taylor-Chair, Jarod Blades, Jill Coleman Wasik, Holly Dolliver, Allison Gale, Todd Johnson, Veronica Justen, Kerry Keen, Natasha Macnack, Yoana Newman, Eric Sanden, Brian Smith, Dan Waletzko, Ian Williams, David Zlesak