Getting Started

Getting Started


If you're contemplating moving off campus, you must first make sure you are eligible to live outside of the residence halls. View the requirements posted in Residence Life.  If you're eligible, it is important to realize moving off campus is not a decision to be taken lightly.  The decision to move from the residence halls can be a dramatic change, requiring careful consideration.  Before deciding to make the move, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I afford to live off campus?

  • Do I know what type of housing I want?

  • Am I ready to be more independent and take on additional responsibilities?

  • Am I willing to spend the extra time to commute to class?

  • Am I okay with having to travel back to campus for extracurricular activities or events or study sessions after class?

  • Do I know what type of transportation I will need (walking, car, bike)?

  • Is cooking going to be a problem?

  • Will I be able to communicate effectively with roommates and neighbors?

  • Am I familiar with city codes/ordinances and how they can affect me?

  • Do I have any idea who I would like to live with off campus?


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