Student Activities


Students at UWRF gain mathematical experience through international competitions.

  • Teams of students compete in the COMAP sponsored Mathematical Modeling Contest, using mathematics to solve real-world problems. For more information contact Dr. Kathy Tomlinson.

Research Work with Faculty

The Mathematics Department at UWRF provides an exceptional range of opportunities for students to work closely with professors on research and advanced mathematical study.

  • Field trips to mathematics conferences are scheduled several times each year. Students can attend to exchange research results with students and professors from other universities through discussion and formal presentations.
  • Senior seminar projects provide students with valuable experiences in problem solving, research, writing reports, and making presentations.
  • Advanced statistical study helps prepare students for work in actuarial science and related fields.
  • Independent study can be arranged with professors to explore mathematical topics beyond those in the standard curriculum.

Student Organizations  

Students at River Falls participate in local and national mathematical organizations.

  • MAA: Mathematical Association of America - An organization which provides information on mathematical science careers, inexpensive access to undergraduate mathematics journals, and social interaction with other mathematics students. For more information contact Laurel Langford.
  • NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - River Falls Student Memberships offer opportunities to attend conferences in mathematics teaching and inexpensive professional journals. For more information contact Erick Hofacker.

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