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Internship Procedure

1. Plan an internship

Applications for internships should be submitted to the Marketing Communications internship coordinator at least four weeks prior to the intended start of the internship or work experience. Approval for credit will generally NOT be given after an internship begins, and under NO circumstances will internships be approved on a "retroactive" basis.

If any special conditions or situations apply (e.g. low GPA, insufficient course background), the circumstances should be fully identified and explained as appropriate on the application.

Internship hours, that is the number of clock hours of work time per credit, are prorated. The hours required for the internship are based on a scale of 45 hours per term per credit; thus, a two credit internship would require a minimum of 90 work hours, a three credit internship 135 work hours, and so forth.

The total number of credits awarded for an internship must be at least equivalent to the prorated work hours.

The student MAY NOT register for the work experience or internship until it is approved prior to beginning the experience. A signed approval form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office before you will be able to register for the course.

A grade of "S" (satisfactory) or "U" (unsatisfactory) will be issued after the evaluation documents have been submitted to and approved by the internship coordinator. The academic supervisor issues the grade. Timeliness of grade submission depends upon the promptness with which the evaluation documents are received. If all documents are not received prior to the deadline for submission of grades, a grade of "SP" (steady progress) will be issued.

2. Apply for an internship

If you are applying your internship or co-op work experience credits to a Marketing Communications major in CAFES (College of Animal, Food & Environmental Sciences), please see your adviser or the internship coordinator for CAFES to get the application materials.

If you are doing your internship or co-op work experience credits for a Marketing Communications major in CAS (College of Arts and Sciences), then you should do the following:

  • Contact the employer with whom you will be interning and work out the details of the internship (e.g., specific job responsibilities, hours, pay, length of the internship, etc).
  • Contact the UWRF Internship Coordinator for Marketing Communications(Stephen Olsen x3899, 310 North Hall) to confirm that this is an appropriate MarComm internship opportunity.
  • E-mail Dr. Olsen to request the electronic internship application form. Return your completed electronic form to the Internship Coordinator (Dr. Olsen) as an attachment to an e-mail.
  • Once all the information on the form is satisfactory, you can print the form and get the necessary signatures.
  • Submit a copy of your Degree Audit Report to the internship coordinator (an electronic copy is fine).
  • Once the application form and your Degree Audit Report are received, the internship coordinator will send an approval form to the UWRF registrar after which you can register for the internship (or co-op work) credits.
  • You should try to register for your internship credits in the term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) when most of your work hours will actually take place.

3. Complete an internship

Forward to the academic internship coordinator (

  • A summary of the work experience written by the student and due upon completion of the internship. Include an indication of the range, focus and quality of the experience, as well as the student's reactions. (Not more than four to five pages, double-spaced.) Marketing Communications students should attach any appropriate work samples, e.g. written materials such as news releases or brochures; design projects; advertising copy or designs; promotional materials; or related information. All material will be returned to you.
  • An evaluation letter written by your work supervisor. This will be returned to you as well.

Note: College or school requirements may stipulate more frequent written reports. See your intern supervisor for further information.

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