Communication Studies

Communication Studies


  • To develop effective communicators who understand their chosen media of communication and use them well;
  • to develop critical and sensitive receivers of communication, who can interpret and evaluate the messages to which they are exposed;
  • to develop an appreciation for the interrelationship of theory, research, and practice;
  • to develop an understanding and application of ethical systems in communication;
  • to provide a sound foundation upon which students may build and adapt to future technological and social change.


The communication studies program includes courses representing all aspects of the discipline. Required courses are interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, persuasion, and a senior-level research-oriented seminar. Directed electives allow choices from the other areas of the discipline.

Career Opportunities

Communication is vital to all aspects of our personal and professional lives.  Whether you're interested in the business, government or nonprofit sector,  Communication Studies is an excellent choice for students preparing for a variety of professional careers.   Our Program focuses on the communication skills most needed by the student preparing for a career in law, the clergy, college teaching, retail, health services, international relations and negotiations and more.

Employers in all fields recognize the centrality of good communication in the world of work.