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Scott Beedy, '99 (November 2020)

I started at UW-River Falls in the spring semester of 1996. I grew up in Stillwater and was still living at home caring for my mother who had become ill. I looked at the journalism programs at schools that were cloose enough for me to commute daily. UWRF provided the perfect opportunity for me to practice hands-on skills in journalism. From my first semester on campus, I was involved in the radio station and the campus television studio. I met wonderful friends and worked on some amazing projects. Much of it was extra-curricular, but the journalism program never did disappoint. I loved my teachers, many who became mentors, and many who I still keep in contact with today. UWRF was home for me, even though I had a 30-minute commute. It prepared me for a career that now spans over two decades. I have worked in a lot of newsrooms and several public relations teams. I have worked with Gophers, Badgers, and Tigers. I've worked with those who didn't mind a windy city or the color orange, but in the past 20-plus years, I have never once been anything but proud to say, "I am a Falcon."

Chris Gregg, '19 (November 2020)

I was very involved with WRFW during my time at UWRF, something that I not only very much enjoyed but also something that played a critical role in getting me to where I am today. Not only did it allow me to connect with incredible alumni mentors, but it also afforded me the opportunity to explore aviation. For a brief while I hosted a weekly public affairs show called "Flightline" that dove into topics surrounding both commercial and general aviation. Then during Homecoming Week 2017 when I did the "Welcome Home Series" where I invited prominent UWRF Alumni to be interviewed on WRFW about their time at WRFW and their careers, I was able to connect with retired space shuttle commander Dan Brandenstein. At UWRF I learned that journalism teaches you how to investigate, think for yourself and develop your own thoughts and conclusions. It also broadens your horizons and stretches you to do things that may be uncomfortable, but ultimately are the best things for you! I wouldn't trade my time at UWRF for anything, and I appreciate the insight I gleaned from each of my journalism professors.

Ashley Goettl Hanley, '13 (November 2020)

My journalism degree helped me to become a well-rounded journalist in print, TV and radio, all of which I have used throughout my career. First as a reporter, then as a TV news anchor and now as a news director for seven radio stations. Without the deep background and depth of experience from all of my classes, professors, and on-campus experience, I would not be at this point in my career today. I am forever grateful for my time as a journalism major at UW-River Falls!

Matt McConico, '00 (November 2020)

My time on the UWRF campus gave me opportunities to try new things and get many experiences. They included involvement in: WRFW, The Student Voice, Television Services and Sports Information. Plus, serving in Student Government. It is very realistic to take part in all of these aspects of campus. No matter what you do in the future, these experiences can give you skills and confidence in speaking, writing, presentation, meeting deadlines and leadership. Having a command of these elements can help make you successful in whatever path you choose - whether it is journalism or not.

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